Starry Starry Night, SF Van Gogh Immersive🌟

San Francisco's (SF) Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit is ending on September 6th. If you have not have the change to check out the exhibit, and loving Van Gogh as much as I do... Here is you last chance to explore the Van Gogh's dreams in person. Due to the high percentage of vaccination in Cali [...]


San Francisco Van Gogh 沉浸式展覽全方位攻略 🌟

San Francisco(SF) 的 Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit 於今年的9月6號就要完全收館了!還沒去看的小夥伴們可以趕緊的在展場搬遷之前衝刺最後一波哦! 如果是在南灣的小夥伴們可以等9月24號的 San Jose (SJ) 展出!哈哈好啦安利完我對梵谷展的喜愛,接下來要認真分享SF看展的攻略喔!我一共分成三個部分:交通、穿搭、拍照。希望對你們有幫助~

Fashion: 2019 Summer Look Book II

I wanted to post all my Look Book in my last blog post, but I think my long ass descriptions have draw the blog far to long. Considered the previous might be too long for some, I split the Look Book into half and we will go over the rest of the outfits here. Here [...]

Fashion: 2019 Summer Look Book I

A bit late for the game because summer is almost OVER! However, I am going to share 10 of my favorite summer outfits with you and hopefully these could spark some ideas for you on what to wear for the almost-ending rest of the summer. Here, I try to put together 10 different outfits for [...]