Snapchat Geofilter Competition

Geofilter Creation Time: October 2018


The Forge Branding & Logo Design

Project Time Period: January 2019- March 2019

During my logo design class, I had the chance to work with our on campus Garden, The Forge. The overall project is to create a brand new Logo and related branding materials, such as the envelopes, water print, name tags and business card.

Through out the process, I first interview the clients and jogged down all the important elements that the forget garden represents. Secondly, I create the mood board to inspire my logo creations. After changing the fonts, the colors and the thickness of the logo for various time, I finally settle with the one. Moving on, I created a branding materials based off my logo and the overall branding color.

Lastly, as an bonus for the client I create a farmer’s market poster on the behave of the Forge. I hand drew all the vegetables 🌶 🌽 🍅 🍆 🥒 🥔 🥕 🥗 🍠 on the poster with illustrator, and finish the overall design in Photoshop.

Besties of Color

Poster Creation Time: September 2018

Below is my very first illustrator poster that I drew from scratch. The big fonts and the people on the posters are all hand drew while others are using illustrator preset font and background color selections.

Resume Workshop

Junior year of my college time, I founded a volunteer resume workshop serviced dedicate in helping local multiracial high school students create their high school CVs and Resumes for college applications. The service include transforming their experiences and achievements into words, rearranging the layout, and grammar editing.

Originally, I colleagued my service with the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley as I was working on running their social media camping as a side project. As time went by, I slowly expanded my service to local community colleges, such as Foothill college and Mission college in helping local or international college students on their college transfer applications. Soon after, I also hosted similar event in other on campus clubs, include SCU Harry Potter Club, SCU Together for Ladies for Color and etc in helping club member getting summer internship or part time on campus job.

Within a year, I successfully help over 100 clients in recreating or strengthening their original resume. While most of the traditional resume are black and white, as some clients were aiming for a more creative position, I take inspiration online and mostly used Canva to help arranging the overall resume.

LeMyka Branding

Internship Period: June 2017- December 2017

In this project, I focus more on re directing the overall brand image of LeMyka Skincare. Since my term of interning at the company is during summer, I take initiative and shoot all this summer photos for the social media platform. Ideally, I want to achieve the idea of Freshness, Playful, and High-end Luxury.