Starry Starry Night, SF Van Gogh Immersive🌟

San Francisco’s (SF) Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit is ending on September 6th. If you have not have the change to check out the exhibit, and loving Van Gogh as much as I do… Here is you last chance to explore the Van Gogh’s dreams in person.

Due to the high percentage of vaccination in Cali Population, the Exhibit has increase the visitors counts alone with the shows counts.

Nevertheless, if you are living in the South Bay, YOU ARE IN LUCK! Van Gogh’s Immersive Exhibit is coming to San Jose (SJ) on September 24th!

All exhibit tickets are now available for purchase online. Price ranges between $40-$55 and with early-bird discount the tickets are now in discount. Therefore, if you are considering going to the Van Gogh Exhibit in SJ do not hesitate and seize your moment!🌟

OKAYYY, now we are hitting the more important parts. I will be sharing some tips for exhibit viewing, and I separate them into 3 categories. Parking, Fashion, and Photo Up. Feel free to hop to the sections you want!


SF Exhibit Address:10 S Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94103

Simple search on Google Map might lead to incorrect location; thus, please be extra careful while typing the right address to avoid unnecessary traffic. Regardless, the exhibit location itself is pretty apparent. After all, there are Van Gogh’s wall art all over the exhibit center!

As for the parking, there isn’t a public parking center, so the easiest way is by street parking. However, if you are reading this, then you are in luck! Right behind the exhibit center there are a small triangle meter parking lot (view the yellow circle area). Everyday after 6 and Sunday has FREE PARKING! Nevertheless, the meter parking alley is lack of street light and might have a couple people wandering around. Be sure to locked up and do not let anything valuable in the car.

Fashion Tips:


My Outfit for the Exhibit~

Top:Simone Rocha x HM

Heels:Miu Miu


Photo Up:



另外展場中心還有一個階梯架高的看台,走上階梯的照片也是仙氣滿滿喔🌟不過因為我不是很上相所以就不放自己的照片了😅 小夥伴們可以上網收尋一下。

至於拍照的時機可以先和大家一起看上半場,順便記下你喜歡的背景樣。到二半場時就會有有很多人離開,拍起來也很方便,重點是你大概也知道何時會有你喜歡的背景喔!我和朋友是去看最後一場 (9:00-10:00 p.m.) 的所以本場人就不是很多,怕人太多的小夥伴也可以考慮一下最後入場喔!

Above are some of my visiting tips. and hopefully it will help enhance your visiting experience. Frankly, Van Gogh has always been one of my. most favorite artist; therefore, I am completely and madly in love with the exhibit. Yet, the $50 ticket is not cheap especially for students group. Thus, I understand why people described it as Fancy PowerPoint Show.

Worthy or not has always been a subject point of view. If you asked me, it is WHOM I went to the exhibit counts more than the show itself. After all, we held in the good memory that made with friends, but not how long have the Starry Night appeared on the white wall.



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